The Death The Corporate Website and the Rise of the Online Marketing Strategy

March 26th, 2010  |  2 Comments


Will The Corporate Website Survive?

Remember those days (unfortunately not too long ago) when we would try to get a client to move towards the Internet (i.e. selling products online, running a promotion or collecting customer information, etc.)? Or even that there were/are benefits beyond selling a product online (i.e. communication, building loyalty, creating interaction)? Clients and potential clients used to look at us like we were crazy! They’d laugh at us as they were showing us out the door, only to turn around and drop $65k on local cable TV advertising without being able to track a single lead. Perfect. Scratching my head I used to think to myself, “Am I over-estimating this Internet thingy?” (Definitely Not!)

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Inside Out and Upside Down – Recession and The Internet

March 10th, 2010  |  No Comments

Developers, Designers and Marketers are Ready for Work

This is a challenging time for the media & marketing industry no doubt. It will put some out of business and create opportunities for others. Hourly rates have gone down and engineers, developers, designers, producers and marketers have all been shaken to the core.

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