Find my Face – Google Releases a New Tool

December 9th, 2011  |  No Comments

Google's Find my Face

For those concerned about privacy, Find My Face doesn’t automatically allow you to be tagged if you forget to toggle some settings (unlike Facebook). It defaults to keeping you as safe and protected as possible.

Product counsel at Google, Benjamin Petrosky, laid out some additional details about the product at a FTC forum for facial-recognition technology.

“When a Google+ user uploads a photo, for example, they will receive a prompt to opt-in to Find My Face, turn the feature on (see image below), or say no”, Petrosky said. “If you upload dozens of photos from a party the night before, the facial-recognition technology will look through those photos and suggest people to tag; anyone who is tagged will receive an email notification, with the option to untag themselves.”

There were reports earlier this year that Google was developing a facial-recognition app. Google denied this however. Later, Google purchased facial-recognition company called Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition (aka: PittPatt).

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