Who is Lt. Michael Murphy?

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Lt. Michael Murphy: Memorial Day Murph

Well, with the approach of Memorial Day here in the United States, what should a blog that generally deals with the Internet marketing issues with perhaps a bit of a geeky “tech” streak do? This isn’t the place one would normally go to receive this type of information, and if this isn’t your thing, no worries, feel free to check back in for the next post regarding the latest in branding, social or creative design topics!

Still, as a small digital agency in Sacramento, we felt it appropriate for all of us who live in relative peace and safety, no matter what country, to take a moment to pause and reflect that we can take the time to read blogs about “techie” online marketing issues with innumerable sacrifices made by those in the past—and the present.

As such, Jivaldi has proudly taken on a behind-the-scenes “mission” for one of our amazing clients, “FORGED Clothing.” FORGED was founded by two former Unite States Navy SEALs. With a combined 21 years in the Teams, they are distinguished veterans of several war time campaigns, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Kosovo and Bosnia, including tours as instructors at the BUD/S SEAL training operation.

FORGED, along with Memorial Day Fundraiser, is assisting several charities in helping people register for “Memorial Day Murph,” a crossfit workout done around the United States (and the world) in honor of the men and women in the armed forces who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. The concept is to get as many people as possible, on Memorial Day, to participate in this workout to raise awareness and money for several charities which help wounded military members and/or the families of the fallen. By registering at Forged Clothing, thousands of people across the United States (many of them Crossfitters) purchased a t-shirt and a commitment to tackle a unique Crossfit WOD (Workout Of the Day) on Memorial Day.

The workout was a favorite of Lt Michael Murphy’s, a United States Navy SEAL, and is now commonly referred to as “Murph” in honor of him. In 2005, Lt Murphy was killed in action in Afghanistan. The heroism he displayed, coupled with the superhuman heroic actions of his teammates Matthew Axelson, Danny Dietz, and Marcus Lutrell, was the subject of the book, “Lone Survivor,” written by Lutrell, the only member of their team who survived.

After their small 4-man team was discovered by a Taliban force that vastly outnumbered them, the men, whose radio did not work so they could not call for help, tried to escape by fighting their way away from the Taliban forces. After all team members had been wounded and one of them killed, Lt Murphy, realizing that the only chance for them to survive was for them to somehow make contact with their base, decided to do that in the only way he could. Realizing that it would almost undoubtedly cost him his life, Lt Murphy ran away from all cover, to the most open space he could find, in order to get signal on his mobile phone. Away from cover and completely exposed to the enemy’s fire, Lt Murphy was critically shot through the chest, but still managed to call and report the situation and their approximate position. Afterward, Lt Murphy continued to fight until finally succumbing to his wounds. “Murph’s” actions enabled the recovery of his body and the bodies of Dietz and Axelson, as well as the eventual rescue of Lutrell. For his heroic actions, Lt Murphy was posthumously awarded the highest honor in the United States Military, the Medal of Honor, in 2007. You can hear Marcus Lutrell talk about it in an interview here:

When you watch this, just be ready to be stirred to the core.

The book is being turned into a major motion picture set to be released sometime in 2013. Additionally, a documentary film about Lt Murphy has already been released on a limited basis. You can see the trailer here.

  1. We at Jivaldi invite you to seriously consider 3 points here: 1. This Memorial Day, you can still go out and welcome in the summer with family and friends with a BBQ or some similar event. But while doing it, take a moment to remember those who have died so that you can do so in relative luxury, and make a mental note of those who are still in harm’s way on your behalf.
  2. If you are a manager or decision-maker at your company, remember that the best way to motivate your employees, or any of those around you, is Leadership By Example, as Lt Murphy did. People will always follow those who lead by example. Develop a vision for what you want your company to look like, and act on it. If you want your company to be a place where all employees are expected to work 12 hours a day including often on the weekends, then you need to be doing even more than that, and doing it with a smile on your face. Or, if you want your company to be a place where employees know they need to work hard and produce yet have time for their families you should do that yourself—and ensure that your employees are taking this needed time to be with their loved ones.
  3. Even if you’re not a Crossfit guru, take some time on Memorial Day  to attempt the ‘Murph’ workout. And when you realize that since you spend most of your time in meetings or sitting behind a computer like we do that doing 100 pull-ups (part of the “Murph” workout) might not even be remotely possible, push yourself a bit and do your best, but then smile and remember Lt Murphy and others like him who have given their lives so that we can be out-of-shape businessmen/women whose biggest decisions revolve around Internet marketing budgets, performance of our websites, conversions..etc.

At Jivaldi we are proud to be working with and trusted by Veteran-owned businesses; Forged and other clients who do not give trust freely. With our small voice we are sending good vibes to who are still in harm’s way; those who have come back—especially those who have come back seriously scarred, either physically or emotionally; and, of course, the friends and families of those who did not return.

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