Why Women Need to be a part of Digital Teams

November 14th, 2013  |  No Comments


So I read this article today from NBC News, and it got me thinking. Jivaldi has been in the Digital game for a long time and we come across many personalities as we navigate projects and client relations. In the end, our goal is to naturally serve the clients’ needs and interests but also influence the client in a way that will benefit them, perhaps steer them in a direction in which they weren’t planning. One thing that continuously crosses my mind is how essential women are for making this happen and building a good digital marketing team.

To be a part of a team in a creative and service-oriented environment there are a handful of traits and skill sets that are needed when it comes to thought leadership, project management or  influencing the client so that they take advantage of the experience that a savvy online marketing team brings to the table.

  1. Listening & communication skills.
  2. Negotiation.
  3. Influence.
  4. Temperament.

These traits very much come into play when offering day-to-day services. And while us ‘guys’ certainly have these same abilities, I think that women may have an advantage in some of these areas.Why do these four traits help women navigate through digital projects more easily?

Women are:

For one, women are natural protectors, they take care of their own and with a maternal instinct they can be very loyal to their family/team.

Good Listeners:
Sorry guys, we pretty much lose hands-down on this one. Anyone who’s pitched business to that CEO – who may not know the digital space – but acts as if he owns it (no, not you Ryan). Whilst his ego hums like a well-oiled machine, he nods his head yes and is pleasant enough but immediately shuts down any ideas that aren’t his own. As for your team’s suggestion that he should consider options beyond the full screen video of himself – selling his company’s services–sorry, he’s made up his mind.

This, quite simply, is a man that is less likely to ask questions when he doesn’t understand something – a round-about way of saying that women just listen better. A woman will stop you mid-sentence and ask you to explain something she didn’t catch or understand. A man would sooner walk through fire than admit he doesn’t know something about digital, or anything else for that matter.

Less Ego Driven:
One has to understand that in creative, marketing and advertising we are often dealing with the subjective. And though analytics are a very important piece of the digital and advertising mix, we’ll save this topic for another post. Let’s stick to subjectivity for now.

With this ever-present ¬†subjectivity, the agency must exert influence be it directly or indirectly. Women are quite good at this process because they are less likely to involve their ego in this conversation. Once the male caveman personality appears, it’s tough to get rid of (ask my wife!). Keeping the client egos at bay while the agency achieves objectives is absolutely a critical factor in helping the client achieve success online.

So consider this a quick shout-out to all the ladies out there who are pushing through a hectic and challenging digital space! Keep it up girls. As for me and the guys, well, less talking, more listening. As my wife likes to say, “less is more.”


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